Sep 17, 2010

Three steps of Giving

     Giving consist of three steps. First, all creatures similar to us: "want to be happy, do not want to suffer". Therefore, do not ever hurt.

     Second, the creature is more important. Rice, Air, work, all of which supported our life, produced by another creature. Animals even killed for humans to eat meat. For that, You should care for many things, such us planting trees, remove the bird in the wild, loved family, work honestly, sincerely, to give poor children scholarships etc.

     Third, because all beings are more important, learn to give happiness, take some pain. 

     Dalai Lama often shed tears when reading this prayer, "while it is space, while it is a creature. Let me continue to be born into this place for there to help all beings out of suffering. "

     For those who are used to give, no longer remaining attachment that makes the death frightening. Death frightening exist because humans have not been accustomed to releasing.
     Through death human carrying out the perfection of giving. Never mind the money, the body was given.
     Body with the soil, make creature live on earth and produces rice, vegetables, fruit. The element of water combines with water for creatures not thirsty. The element of fire joins together with fire for being able to cook. The air element united with the air for being able to breathe air. Elements of soul (some call consciousness) together with all the soul (consciousness) for all beings shade. This death is captivating. Through death man is not lost, instead giving.   

Jan 19, 2010

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